Hario Woodneck DPW-3

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Hario Woodneck DPW-3

Here is another great little brewer from Hario, the Woodneck. You brew it in a similar way to other drip brewers, although the main advantage to this one is the cloth filter. The cloth filter lets some oils through that paper filters hold back. It also holds all the grounds so you don't get any sediment. As long as you start with a nice coffee, this will help you make coffee with great clarity, increased mouthfeel due to the oils and lovely complexity.

This is the DPW-3 c cup version, which is aimed to produce 480ml of coffee. Included in the box is the glass body with woodneck and straps, the filter holder and one cloth filter. You really need to make sure you take care of these filters or they will turn on you. Just make sure you wash it before and after use in hot water and keep it submerged under water in the fridge between uses. If this dries out after it's been used it'll get a musty scent and will taste pretty bad. It might be a good idea to get some additional filters if you're going to get one, they do last for a while but you will need them sooner or later.

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