Here at Silverskin Coffee Roasters we roast to order. This means we don’t just fill your order with coffee already roasted, your order is always going to be a fresh as possible, roasted just for you. We roast all online orders on Mondays, any coffee orders placed after 5pm Sunday will fall into the following weeks roast schedule – this includes mixed order of coffee and equipment. Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery from the next roasting date following your order being placed. All orders are shipped the day after roasting.

Shipping costs through Australia Post are extra to the coffee or equipment cost and are calculated based on weight and destination. We don’t charge any sort of extra handling fee, all shipping charges will be only what Australia Post charge to deliver via Express Post.

If you live in Newcastle and are looking to buy on a regular basis, please get in touch and we’ll give you a free shipping code. We understand the shipping cost for a 250g bag of coffee can significantly add to the price, and are happy to help any Novocastrians in need with free delivery*.

Our coffee is packed fresh in either 250g or 1kg bags. All our bags have a one way valve which helps keep the coffee as fresh as possible. Although it can still taste okay a couple of months after the roast date, we recommend finishing it off within one month… maximum. So don’t buy kilograms at a time, getting less more often is a much better way to go.

 *Free delivery is limited to Newcastle. Please get in touch to confirm delivery address and receive voucher code before placing any orders, postage cannot be refunded.