Hello and welcome to the Silverskin Coffee Roasters website. Silverskin Coffee Roasters is a micro roastery located in Newcastle, Australia. We opened our doors in October 2012. Our focus is on quality, and our aim is to provide Newcastle and beyond with  specialty coffee that is produced in a sustainable and ethical way.

We choose coffee that is interesting, tasty and has a story. We provide as much information as possible on the coffees we offer. This generally means information on the farmer, farm, co-op or mill. Although we aren’t able to go to origin and buy for ourselves just yet, we always try to buy from the guys who do. We support the ethical trade of coffee, and are happy knowing the farmers who supply us are getting paid well for their efforts and get acknowledged for their excellent work. 

We don’t have tonnes of coffee available online, however our small range is really tasty and always changing. We have three house blends we like to play around with, The Boss, Oi Pablo and Concentric Circles, and lots of singles that come and go as we move along.

If you have a coffee focused business and are  interested in working with really nice coffee, please get in touch. We love to partner with others who are also trying to make the best cup of coffee every time. As our focus at the moment is wholesale coffee, we have many more options available than shown here and would love to talk.

For any questions, including wholesale enquiries, please email us at hello@silverskincoffee.com.

Thanks for visiting!