Hario V60 – White 2 Cup Pour Over

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Hario V60 – White 2 Cup Pour Over

To those that don't know this little gem, we would like to introduce you to the Hario V60 white porcelain 2 cup dripper. Another great little brewer from Hario that produces really tasty coffee with amazing clarity. Its design is incredibly simple, essentially it's just a ribbed cone with a hole at the bottom... but it's more than that!

With a little practice you'll be pumping out well extracted brews all day long. The V60 uses (but does not come with) paper filters (that can be bought here) that help give the coffee amazing clarity and virtually no sediment. V60's are one of the best ways to produce single cups of coffee, and this 2 cup model makes from 300ml up to 500ml. With the V60 we usually find we like the flavour of higher doses a little more than other methods, and find 70-75g per litre works best.

A few key points to keep in mind with the V60:

  • Rinse the paper filters first with hot water, fill to the top of the cone then dump the water out the top. Letting this water filter through the cone isn't ideal, all the paper fines stay in the bottom and actually slow the coffee brew time and alter the taste. Always dump this water out the top, do this a couple of times.
  • Weigh your coffee, use a timer and use scales when you're pouring your water so you know exactly what's going on. You won't have success here if you just make it with teaspoons and guesswork.
  • Ensure you let the coffee bloom before for approx 30 seconds before getting into the main pour. To do this, you add 2 grams of water for every 1 gram of coffee you're using e.g, If you're brewing with 25g of coffee, add 50g of water as quickly and evenly as possible over the bed of coffee, let it bloom for around another 20 seconds then start pouring slowly and evenly in circles – ride the bloom!
  • From the first drop in to the last drop out, we generally aim for a time of around 2mins, 30 secs. Adjust your grind as needed to get there, it should be towards the finer side of filter grind, similar to ground table salt from a shaker.
  • To clean up, dump filter and coffee in the compost bin and rinse V60 under water - done.

To get the most out of this you really need to have a decent grinder (a blade grinder just won't work) and a gooseneck kettle similar to the Hario Buono or the BonaVita equivalent. The reason for this is because of the big hole at the bottom - the only resistance that the water has to stop it flowing out into your cup as soon as it's poured is the paper filter and the coffee. So the coffee grind here is everything, it's what you play with to extend the brewing time or speed things up if needed. Little changes to the grind make big changes in the cup. Once again, because of the big hole at the bottom, you need a good pouring kettle because you really need to be able to pour slowly and accurately - simply dumping water into this until it hits the top just doesn't work with the V60.

Did I mention scales? You also really need scales for this. We recommend scales for all forms of coffee preparation - we weigh everything, every time. It's the only way to be accurate and make recipes repeatable. Friends laugh, friends mock, but friends are fools. At the end of the day when you're the one drinking nice coffee time and time again, you know you're right - weigh everything!

Hario paper filters are available here.

BonaVita Gooseneck Kettle available here.

Some good examples of techniques to try available here.




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