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Sumatra – Sipangan Bolon

This Sumatran coffee from Sipangan Bolon is our most popular single origin coffee and the base of our blend The Boss. This is the second year we've been using this coffee and it just keeps getting better and better! The importers we work with source these coffees directly and exclusively from a group of about 360 farmers. Sipangan Bolon spans over around 400 hectares of land and is situated on the outskirts of Parapat, a tourist town on the shores of the magnificent Lake Toba.

This lot has been triple picked in the dry mill in order to get it even cleaner than previously, and we're really happy with the improvements to the cup this season. This direct relationship between grower, exporter and importer is very rare in Indonesia. Most coffee is traded through a myriad of hands until one of the few large exporters blends it together and ships out the old style Mandheling.

TASTING NOTES: Clean, Spice, full rounded body, dark chocolate, subdued red apple like acidity, herbal and sweet. As a short black you'll really notice the huge syrupy sweet body and spice in the finish, in milk it adds so much cocoa it's unbelievable!

If you like your coffee to have a huge body, tear through milk and have bucketloads of chocolate you will absolutely love this great coffee from Sumatra. This is a really great all rounder and works well from the plunger to espresso and everything in-between!

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