Burundi Kayanza Masha Gatara Natural – FILTER ROAST

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Burundi Kayanza Masha Gatara Natural – FILTER ROAST

If you like super clean natural coffees from Africa you'll LOVE this one! It's roasted pretty light so not for espresso though is really tasty for all other brewing methods. And, free shipping.

We have been really lucky with this coffee - our main green bean supplier, MTC Group / Sucafina Australia recently had a roasting competition and we were lucky enough to have won! It was a comp where roasters all around Australia roasted the same coffee and judged each others roasts. We really didn't expect to win though are really happy with how we went. And, the best part is that we won a trip to Burundi to check out the harvest so as soon as the world opens up again we'll be there for the next harvest which is pretty exciting!

We really hope you enjoy this coffee as much as we do!

COUNTRY: Burundi

REGION: Gashikanwa commune, Ngozi province

PRODUCER: Masha Coffee Washing Station

ELEVATION: 1672masl

VARIETY: Red Bourbon

PROCESSING METHOD: Natural & Sun Dried

TASTING NOTES: Big, clean and juicy with a long sweet finish




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